Processor Assembly

Prep steps:

  1. Power down and remove power from the server.
  2. Remove the access panel.
  3. Remove the processor air baffle

To remove a processor:

  1. Lift the processor retaining bracket lever up.
  2. Swing the processor retaining bracket up.
  3. Release the processor locking lever.
  4. Remove the processor/heatsink assembly.
  5. Close processor locking lever.
  6. Close processor retaining bracket.
  7. Close processor retaining bracket lever.

Installing or Replacing the Processor Assembly

  1. Lift the processor retaining bracket lever.
  2. Open the processor retaining bracket.
  3. Release the processor locking lever.
  4. Determine the correct processor orientation by observing the three guide pins on the processor retaining bracket and the three corresponding guide holes on the processor/heatsink assembly.
  5. Install the processor/heatsink assembly into the available processor socket.
  6. Close the processor locking lever.
  7. Lower the processor retaining bracket.
  8. Press the processor retaining bracket lever down to secure the processor retaining bracket.

    If processor locking lever is not secured, the processor retaining bracket will not close properly. Forcing the bracket shut may damage the processor or the processor socket.
  9. If replacing a failed processor, run RBSU after replacing the new processor to mark the failed processor as repaired. (not shown)