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Processor and heatsink

Before you begin

  1. Remove power from the server.
  2. Remove the access panel.

Processor and heatsink removal

  1. Pull up the handle and open the heatsink retaining bracket.
  2. Remove the heatsink.
  3. Push down and lift the processor retaining latch.
  4. Open the processor retaining bracket.
  5. Remove the processor.

Processor installation

  1. Using the processor installation tool, insert the processor in the socket so that the HP logo lines up with the notch and the triangle on the processor aligns with the triangle on the socket.
  2. Press down firmly until the processor installation tool clicks and separates from the processor.
  3. Remove the processor installation tool.
  4. Close the processor locking lever.
  5. Close the processor retaining latch.

Processor and heatsink replacement

Note: If you are replacing a heatsink and/or processor, you will need to remove and reapply new thermal grease to the heatsink to ensure a proper seal.

  1. Clean the old thermal grease from the heatsink with an alcohol swab. Allow the alcohol to evaporate before continuing.
  2. Apply the thermal grease to the top of the processor in a pattern that assures even coverage.
  3. Position the heatsink so that the holes on the bottom of the heatsink align with the pins on the heatsink bracket.
  4. Insert the heatsink.
  5. Rotate the heatsink retaining bracket and handle down to lock.