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Processor and heatsink

Before you begin

  1. Remove power to the server.
  2. Remove the access panel.
  3. If you are removing a second processor, remove the air baffle.
  4. Remove the fan baffle.

Removing the processor and heatsink

  1. Press to release and rotate the heatsink locking levers up and over about 160 degrees.
  2. Lift the heatsink out of the server.
  3. Press to release the processor locking lever and rotate it up.
  4. Lift the processor locking cover.
  5. Lift the processor up and out of the server.

Replacing or installing a processor and heatsink

  1. Install the processor on the connector so that the triangle on the processor lines up with the notch on the connector.
  2. Close the processor locking cover.
  3. Rotate and press down the processor locking lever to secure the cover and processor.
  4. Set the heatsink on the processor.
  5. Rotate down and press to secure each heatsink locking lever.