Keyboard Overlay

The HP LaserJet flow MFP M830 comes with either a US English or UK English keyboard, depending on which country/region the product is shipped to. Keyboard overlays convert the keyboard to different languages and layouts. The overlays consist of decals that are applied to the top of the existing keys on the keyboard.

A keyboard overlay can be applied during initial setup or when a keyboard is replaced.

Click the Play arrow on the video below to see how to apply a keyboard overlay.

  1. Turn off the product, and disconnect the power cable.
  2. Slide out the keyboard.
  3. Remove the overlay from the package.
  4. Place the overlay on a flat, clean surface with the paper backing facing up.
  5. Carefully peel off the largest piece of paper backing, making sure that none of the overlay decals are attached to the paper backing. It is best to pull the backing slowly across the overlay, not up.

    NOTE: Three pieces of paper backing will remain on the overlay. Do not touch the adhesive on the overlay.

  6. Pick up the overlay, turn it over, carefully align the decals with the keys using the keys at the upper corners guides, and then gently place the overlay on the keyboard. Do not press the overlays onto the keys yet.
  7. Carefully inspect the overlay to make sure it aligns with all of the keys. The top edge of the overlay should align with the blank keys at the top of the keyboard, the four keyboard-locking tabs should be visible through the four clear areas at the top of the overlay, and all of the characters should align with the keys. Adjust the overlay if necessary, and then gently touch the overlay to lightly adhere it to the keys.
  8. Support the keyboard tray, firmly push down on the left side of the transfer-sheet, and then work across the rest of the sheet to adhere the adhesive-backed overlays to the keyboard keys.

    CAUTION: The keyboard must be supported from below to avoid damage while pushing down on the transfer sheet.

  9. Grasp the overlay by the right-hand edge and slowly peel it back at a sharp angle, making sure that the decals are adhered to the keys.

    NOTE: Stop peeling back the transfer sheet if any of the adhesive-backed overlays fails to adhere to the keys. Support the underside of the keyboard and then firmly slide your hand along the top of the transfer sheet again.

    TIP: Keep the transfer sheet close to the keyboard as you pull it off to avoid accidently removing any of the adhesive-backed overlays.

  10. Make sure that no overlays remain on the transfer sheet, then properly dispose of or recycle the transfer sheet.
  11. Inspect the keyboard to make sure that the overlays are firmly in place. Press down on individual keys, if necessary.
  12. Slide the keyboard back into place.
  13. Turn the product on. Remember to change the display and keyboard language, if necessary.