Processor Board and Processors

The ProLiant DL740 server supports two processor boards located in the host module for up to eight total Intel Xeon processors MP. Each processor board supports four Intel Xeon processors MP. The server is upgradeable in increments of four processors.

If your server has one processor board, processor board slot 2 is populated with a processor board air baffle.

This baffle must be removed to install the second processor board. To remove the baffle:

  1. Press in the release tab while pulling the air baffle up.

To remove a processor:

  1. Push the lever latch forward to release the processor lever.
  2. Lift the lever up and lift the processor board out of the module. The processor board cover must be removed to access the processor.
  3. Push in on the four tabs on the side of the cover then lift it off the processor board.
  4. Turn the processor board over and lift the processor clip to unlock it, and lift it off the board.
  5. Turn the processor board back over and open the processor release lever. Now the processor can be lifted from the processor board. Processors are spared with heat sinks installed. The processor and board design include alignment features to prevent damage to the processor pins while installing them in the socket.