Before you begin

  1. Remove power to the server.
  2. Remove the access panel.
  3. Remove the air baffle.

Heatsink and processor removal

  1. Press down and out on the heatsink retaining latches, and then raise the latches until they are fully open.
  2. Lift the heatsink out of the server.
  3. Push down and out on the processor retaining latch, and then raise the latch until it is fully open.
  4. Lift the processor socket retaining bracket.
  5. Lift the processor up and out of the server.

Heatsink and processor replacement

  1. With the processor retaining latch and socket retaining bracket fully open, hold the processor by its edges and align it over the empty processor socket. Make sure that you align the gold triangle on the processor with the triangle marking on the socket and the two notches on the processor with the tabs on the socket.
  2. Carefully place the processor into the socket.
  3. Lower the processor socket retaining bracket.
  4. Lower the processor retaining latch and secure it.
  5. If you are reinstalling the original processor or heatsink:
    1. Use an alcohol swab to remove any thermal grease residue from the processor and the heatsink. Allow the alcohol on the processor and heatsink to dry completely before proceeding.
    2. Use a thermal grease applicator to apply the proper amount of grease along one edge of the processor.
    3. Use a straight edge to spread a thin film of new thermal grease evenly over the top of the processor.
  6. Align the holes in the heatsink with the pins on the heatsink retaining bracket and lower the heatsink over the processor.
  7. Rotate the heatsink retaining latches down, and then press down and in to secure each latch.